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TVS Filters began as Tennessee Valley Supply in the early 1970’s when strip mining across the southeast was active, filling the need for engine air intake filters used in heavy earth-moving equipment. TVS serviced these accounts through pure manufacturing, resale, and even remanufacturing of filters from regional mining sites. The Company shifted its focus in the 1980’s to being a pure distributor and reseller of filters for the broader mining industry and operators of over-the-road equipment.

Following a change in ownership in the mid-1990’s, TVS shifted its focus back to manufacturing by leveraging its already substantial network of filtration relationships with an improved technical expertise in filtration media and dust collection. The Company grew the cartridge filter manufacturing business steadily over the next 20 years, carving out a particular specialty in the manufacturing of cartridge filters for gas turbine applications in power plants.

Today TVS Filters is headquartered in Bessemer, Alabama and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality industrial air filters. Our foundation is rooted in the manufacturing of aftermarket cartridge air filters for various dust collection applications. We stand ready to use our established network of peers and customers to source and supply most industrial filters, HVAC filters, and bags.

TVS sells its products almost entirely through a network of knowledgeable and highly valued third-party distributors and dust collector OEMs. At TVS, we know the value of the end-user relationship, will always defer to our customers to manage that relationship, and have an internal policy to not sell direct to end-users in the industrial dust collection and powder coating markets.

TVS Filters is owned by Pine Crest Capital, LLC.