Stocking Program

TVS stocks many standard filters and regularly works with distributor customers and OEMs on specific stocking programs. Inventory stocking programs come with the benefits of improved service to our customers through same-day release of filters and lower inventory requirements. These programs can be crucial in applications where filtration is critical to the operation of a business.

Private Label Program

At TVS, our distributor and OEM customers are our core and our focus. We understand the value of the end-user relationship and will always defer to our customers to handle them as best they see fit. TVS regularly enters into private labeling programs for its customers to allow them to continue to retain control over end-users. These services include customized part number labeling on filters and packaging, customer-titled packing slips, and blind drop-shipping direct to your customers to improve lead times and reduce freight costs.

Cross Reference Library

TVS houses one of the largest cross reference libraries in the industry allowing us to make certain that your needs are filled to specification.

Filter Testing

TVS can analyze your used filters to determine the overall condition of the media. We test for air restriction, permeability, and media strength and return honest feedback on whether replacement is necessary. TVS also analyzes failed filters to help you determine the cause of the failure, whether that stems from media degradation, moisture exposure, heat exposure, abrasion, chemical interactions, or pulsing inefficiencies. Most of these services are performed free of cost in an effort to determine if you could benefit from a filter redesign or replacement.

Filter Installation

TVS has access to EPA and OSHA certified installation crews who are experienced in proper procedure and appropriate gauge settings. Outsourcing your installation helps ensure the job is done right in a timely manner and helps you leverage our manpower and knowhow.